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Church Boards

Zion Lutheran Church is a Christian congregation established for the express purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through witness, worship, and Christian education in accordance with Holy Scripture and the confessional standards of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Under the Constitution and Bylaws of Zion Lutheran Church the Congregation has authority to decide all matters relating to the Congregation or Congregational affairs. The Congregation entrusts most administrative and management responsibilities of its affairs to the Church Council.

The Church Council is composed of the elected Officers (the President, Chuck Green, Vice President/President Elect, Bryan Wendt, Treasurer, Daniel Kruger, Secretary, Jenn Hoeppner, Immediate Past President, Todd Baumann, and Financial Secretary, Brian Lemons), the Chairs of the Boards listed below, the Called Pastors and Ministers of the Congregation (Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Robert C. Preece, Minister to Older Adults, Rev. Richard E. Kurth, Minister of Music, Vacant, and Minister of Education/Principal, Jeff Thorman), and the Business and Facilities Manager, Jerry Knippa. 


Church Boards

The Board of Buildings and Maintenance is responsible for all properties of the Congregation and for the proper maintenance and custodial care of same, and is responsible for such previously approved projects as additions, alterations, beautifications, and renovations to properties of the Congregation.  The Chair of the Board of Buildings and Maintenance is Kyle Hranitzky.

The Board of Christian Education/Parish is in charge of the administration of the Sunday School, supervising the teaching and administration of the Sunday School, and keeping before the Congregation needs for proper facilities and plans for the proper instruction of all in the Word of God. The Chair of the Board of Christian Education/Parish is Valerie R. Green.

The Board of Christian Education/School is in charge of the administration of Zion Lutheran School, including supervising the teaching staff, assuring proper religious and secular courses are taught and that the objectives of the School are achieved. Additionally, the Board supervises the business management of the School, including annual budget recommendations. Members of the Board of Education/School are elected by the Congregation.The Chair of the Board of Christian Education/School is Jason Pappas.

The Board of Discipleship/Church Growth seeks to implement a discipleship program among the Congregation's members, to support existing groups to facilitate the discipleship process, and to increase awareness in the Congregation's members that they should expand personal relationships among fellow members in order to further expand the Congregational family in Christ. The Chair of the Board of Discipleship/Church Growth is Terri Dunk.

The Board of Elders is concerned with all arrangements necessary for regular and public worship services so that the Sacraments may be administered and the Word of God may have free course among the Congregation and assist the Pastor(s) in the spiritual ministry of the Congregation.  The Chair of the Board of Elders is Daniel Jensen.

The Board of Missions plans, promotes, and implements, through proper training and leadership, an ongoing program of personal evangelism, with special attention to maintaining a Mission Education Program of motivation, inspiration, information, and encouragement within the membership of the Congregation. The Chair of the Board of Missions is Tim Dunk.

The Board of Social Ministry seeks to identify the spiritual, social, and physical needs of the senior citizens and other members of the Congregation, and to organize and implement programs designed to meet such needs in cooperation with the Pastor(s) and the Board of Elders. The Chair of the Board of Social Ministry is Kitty Tonn.

The Board of Stewardship is responsible for the promotion of the total stewardship life of all members of the Congregation - specifically, the stewardship of time, talents, and material possessions.  They seek to cultivate an appreciation of the privileges and responsibilities of membership in Christ's Holy Kingdom in the fellowship of a Christian congregation.  The Chair of the Board of Stewardship is Paul Balfay. 

The Board of Youth assists the Minister of Youth, Amy Heuer, in the coordination of all programs and activities for the youth of the Congregation, and promotes programs of Christian growth in worship, fellowship, service, and recreation for the youth of the Congregation.  The Chair of the Board of Youth is Ashley Ring.