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Youth Room Renovation Project

With the completion of the building project made possible by the Boldly Building Zion’s Mission campaign there is space available for renovation in Zion’s lower level that will serve as a new youth space!

Work Has Begun!

Several architects from within our congregation have volunteered their time and talents to create plans and drawings for the space in the lower level that is to be renovated. Others from our congregation, including student and adult volunteers, completed demolition in the lower level over the  2015-2016 Christmas break. However, most of the renovation work could not begin until funding was designated for this project as nothing has been budgeted for it. We have been praying and asking for God to provide.


Several families gave or pledged toward the project, making about $27,500 available for the project. In late March, someone connected to Zion anonymously directed a grant distribution from a charitable gift fund in the amount of $53,000 designated for Youth Room Rehabilitation! Other financial gifts have been given since then that have brought us to over $180,000 in total. These designated gifts have allowed for work to be done (or to be done soon) in the lower level which includes the following…

  • Cutting of windows in the concrete wall
  • Brick and stone masonry work
  • Installation of windows and glass door at the exterior stairwell
  • Installation of new flooring
  • Installation of frameless glass walls and doors along the interior hallway
  • Installation of an overhead garage door to create separation within the space
  • Installation of kitchenette cabinetry and counters
  • Installation of appliances
  • Ceiling work
  • Fixtures and furnishings





















Students, YOU Can Help In the Renovation Process!

In an effort to give you some ownership as well as save on the overall cost of the project, there are a couple different times we will be calling on YOU to come help with the renovation work. Students have already helped to assemble temporary furniture, move brick, clean up post masonry work, and paint a coat of primer on the walls! Look for more dates coming soon where you can help!