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High School Ministry

This year, all our high school ministry events take place on Sundays (with just one or two exceptions)! We get together every Sunday morning from 9:15-10:15 am for Bible study and gather every Sunday evening from 7-9 pm and do a variety of things. Here is what we do together in high school ministry...

CONNECT... and build relationships with other teenagers

Two Sunday nights a month are CONNECT events. CONNECT events are fun, laid back, and will give you a lot of time with your friends! One night a month we’ll do things like messy games, bowling, movie nights, theme nights, mini golf and more.

The second night a month is an open cafe where you can come and hang out - no agenda. Bring homework, play some Wii or a board game, or just catch up with friends. We hope our CONNECT times will be an easy, non-intimidating way for you to check out youth ministry if you are new or less involved. CONNECT events are also great opportunities to invite your friends from outside Zion along!

LEARN... about who God is and what He has done

LEARN is the time we set aside for Bible study at Zion on Sunday mornings, 9:15-10:15 am. It's a great opportunity for you to learn from God’s Word and explore how it connects to your life today. For the fall semester, we will be discussing what Scripture is, how we got it, why it is reliable and why we believe it to be God's word.

GROW... as a follower of Jesus Christ

GROW groups are a space to build deeper relationships with, be encouraged, and be challenged by same-gender peers and adult mentors from Zion. We hope to have natural, authentic conversations about faith and what it means to live as a follower of Jesus while we have fun together! There is currently a group for high school girls that meets about twice a month.  A high school boys group will be coming soon!

IMPACT... our church, city and world in Jesus' name

*This is the only exception to our gathering on Sundays!* Once a month we bring middle and high school students together with their FAMILIES to serve others. IMPACT events are a great way to get outside the places we usually go, see some of the needs of people around us, and do something to help in Jesus’ name. We serve locally during the school year (although some projects have a global impact!), and in the summer we have opportunities to travel a bit farther to serve!

Youth Choir

Learn more about Zion's youth choir here. Youth Choir meets from 7-8 pm on Sunday nights, so if you'd like to be involved in youth choir just join in with our high school ministry when choir is finished at 8!