Early Childhood

Zion’s Early Childhood Program provides a nurturing, hands-on environment intended to foster healthy development in all aspects of growth, including the spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual domains.  The Early Childhood Program is based on age-appropriate learning activities in conjunction with the individual needs of each child.

Since developmental play is the primary vehicle for learning in young children, child-initiated, child-directed, and teacher–supported play is the focus in our early childhood program.  Children are encouraged to actively explore their environment and interact with adults, peers, and materials.  Parents are encouraged and invited to participate in their children’s education, so as to provide a sense of consistency and security for their children, as well as to build open bridges of communication between families and teachers. 

Above all, Zion’s Early Childhood Program provides an environment for all children to see themselves as redeemed children of God, expressing their joy in new life in Christ.

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